Facade and Infastructure Restoration - Caulking, Channel Setting, Epoxy Injections, Vertical Slab Repair, Mortar Set, EFS Restoration, Foam Packing Exposed Panels, Flashing Repair, Polyyurethanes, Silcones, Limestone Repair, Terra Cotta.

Concrete Coatings - Waterproofing, Epoxy Coatings, Polyurethane Coatings, Non-Sleip Coatings, Water Based Epoxy, Water Based Sealers, Polymer Toppings, Thin Set Toppings, Cementious Toppings, Containment Areas, Epoxy Crack Repair, 1/4" Epoxy Trowel Flatwork

Patterned Concreate - Exposed Aggregate, Piers, ADA Ramps, Colored Concrete, Sawcut Patchwork, Textured Finishes, Curb and Gutter, Planters.

Appearance Enhancement - Bleaching, Acid Staining, Stain Removal, Acid Etching, Graffiti Removal.

Repairs and Resurfacing - Grinding, Crack Chasing, Saw Cutting, Slab Jacking, Sandblasting, Shotblasting, Core Drilling, Scarifying, Leveling, Patching, Overlayments, Pressure Washing, Steam Cleaning, Colored Toppings, Acrylic Toppings, Thin Set Toppings, Polyurethane Injection, Epoxy Injection, Concrete Tilt-Up Expansion Repair, Expansion Joints.

Facility - Asphalt Restoration, Crack Filling, Curb Repair, Line Striping, Lane Dividers, Delineating Posts, ADA Ramps, Reflectors, Compacted Stone, Petromatting Guardrails, Parking Bumpers, Seal Coating, Crack Repair, Speed Bumps, Bollards, Fence Placement, Basketball Courts, Sterps/Landings, Storm Sewer Repair, Dumpster Pads and Corrals, Island Placement/Removal.

Stone Restoration - Marble, Travertine, Granite, Limestone, Terrazzo and Slate.

Exterior Stone - Stone Replacement, Sand Bedding, Mortar Set, Hardpack, Powder Set, Paver Installation, Paver Leveling, Stone Flaming, Stain Removal, Caulking, Sandblasting, Scarifying, Bituminous Sealers, Stone Sealers, Stone Repair.

Brick Work - Acid Repair, Tuckpointing, Caulking, Lintel Restoration, Facade Repair, Flashing Repair, Interior Stone.

Total Stone Restoration - Stone Grinding, Stone Polishing Crystallization, Powder Polishing, Poultice Stain Removal, Stain Removal, Grout Repair, Stone Repair, Stone Coating, Limestone Grinding/Refinishing, Impregnators, Terrazzo Finishing, Grout Filling, Flamed Stone, Caulking.

Plaza - Pressure Washing, Steam Cleaning, Stain Removal, Rust Removal, Poultice Compounds, Flashing Repair, Plaza Leveling, Membrane Repair.